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Latin America 2023 facts you didn't know

  • Latin America has about 660 million people and accounts for about 8.5% of the global population.

  • LatAm represents13% of the Earth's land surface area and is subdivided into four regions based on their geographical position: North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

  • Yes, Brazil and Mexico are part of the Latin America region.

  • No, Spain is not part of the Latin America.

  • 20 nations and 14 dependent territories are present within Latin America.

  • Latin America is one of the most urbanized regions in the World with more than 80% on the population living in cities.

  • Mexico and Brazil are included in the 2050 Goldman Sachs' BRICS largest economies in the world.

  • The aggregated GDP amounted to nearly 4.5 trillion USD and Tourism and travel industry represents one of the primary contributor.

  • Spanish is the predominant language of Latin America. It is spoken as first language by about 60% of the population followed by Portuguese with 30%, and 10% speak other languages.

  • Sao Paulo in Brazil falls within the top 10 metropolitan areas in all of the world.

  • The largest exporter of coffee, orange juice, and sugar in the World is Brazil.

  • Asia and the United States are the largest selling and buying partners of Latin America.


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